Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Catching Up On The Paperwork!

I am not doing any fun genealogy in September!  Well not much anyway, see my favorite thing is the gathering of information.  I also like to put the information into a manageable format, like family tree sheets.  What I don't like to do is data entry!  I do realize that if I collect the info and then never put it out there it does no good.   I just don't like it, it may be the typing thing, it is more likely the repetitive nature of it.  So I am going to work on getting all the stuff I collated for the sharing with family onto my web site and then go through all of my find a grave memorials and make the connections that I know of.  I have been very lax about the adding of connections and need to improve.

Having now confessed my shortcomings I am going to share just a couple more pictures from my time in Missouri.  I joined the Putnam County Genealogical Society and the meetings are held in the museum, which is very full of all kinds of things.  (including family histories) This is the old Comstock funeral home horse drawn hearse, several of my relatives were carried in this.  That's Aunt Evelyn in the photo.

One afternoon we went for a drive with my cousin and myself, grandma, my mom and my aunt.  Those 3 women had lived in Putnam County for most of their lives (except for my mom the gypsy).  What a good time we had driving around the old roads just going where their memories would lead us and every corner we went around had a story of a family or friends that had lived there years ago.  One of the places we drove past was the Mt Herman Church north of Omaha Missouri (current pop. 2) where my mom and dad got married on the hottest July 30th anyone could remember!
It did not hinder the relationship at all, they were married 54 years and were together till death parted them, 6 years ago.  The man who married them was a seminary student and my dad's best friend from his hometown who had convinced him to go to school at the Evangelical United Brethren college in Lemars Iowa where he met my mom.  He had not graduated yet and so got a special license from the state of MO to do the ceremony - it was his first.  54 years later he did the funeral for my dad and it was his last official function, he came out of retirement to perform it, not long before he passed away himself.  Westmar college no longer exists but it is now the home of Blue Bunny Ice Cream!

Putnam County is full of memories and the history of my family, I'm sure I will visit it again!