Friday, February 7, 2014

Lets See How This Works

This is going to be my attempt to share online the information, pictures and documents that I and others in the family have put together.  The website Kiehn Edges, Rusty Gates is working out well for the storage and listing of the forms and data in my collection but after just a few additions of stories and photos and notes I realized that the home page of the website needs to stay simple and a little more static to keep it fast and that a blog format is probably better for what I have in mind as far as adding the interesting history type stuff.

The first few posts will be transferring info from the web page and then I will get back to the work of adding the stuff to both sites. 

(January 11, 2014 date posted to website)

This headstone belongs to Samuel Meals Sr and Margaret Catherine Reichersin in the North Washington Cemetery in Butler County PA

These two Bios were from the book "A History of Butler County"  from  Butler County PA 
The drawing was done by Samuel (the Father)
was a native of York county, Pennsylvania, whither his parents immigrated from Germany prior to the Revolution. He grew to manhood in his native county, whence he removed to Adams county, there married and reared the following children: George, who married Elizabeth STUDEBAKER; Peggy, who married George DAUBENSPECK; William, who finally settled in Clarion county; Samuel, who married Miss HOOVER; Jacob, who married a Miss VARNUM, and Daniel, who married Catherine STUDEBAKER. In the spring of 1796 the eldest son, George, came to what is now Butler county, took up several hundred acres of land on the line of Washington and Concord townships, and made some improvements. The following year the father and balance of the family came and settled on this land. Mr. MEALS was a blacksmith, as were also his sons George and Samuel, and built the first shop in the township, which he carried on in connection with farming. He was quite a prominent man in his neighborhood and filled many of the township offices at different periods. He and all his children attained a ripe old age, and their descendants are numerous in Butler County.

GEORGE MEALS, eldest son of Samuel MEALS, Sr., was born in Adams county, Pennsylvania, and there grew to maturity. In 1796 he came to this part of the State and took up the large tract of land referred to in his father's sketch, upon which the family settled the following year. George afterwards went to Westmoreland county and there married Elizabeth STUDEBAKER. About 1811 he returned to Butler county and settled at Mechanicsburg, in Worth township, where he carried on a blacksmith shop. In 1817 he removed to Concord township, and later to Washington township, where he continued to follow his trade in connection with agriculture. To George and Elizabeth MEALS were born seven children, as follows: Samuel G., who was born in Westmoreland county, July 4, 1809 and died on his farm in Washington township, September 21, 1877; Lydia, who married John MAHOOD; Mollie; Joseph G.; Peggy, who mar- [p.1293] ried Joseph PISOR; Elizabeth, who married Jacob PISOR, and Susanna, who married Daniel PISOR. The parents and all of the children are deceased.
This George is the brother of our Samuel Jr who married Elizabeth Hoover.

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