Friday, February 7, 2014

Second Information Dump

(January 16, 2014 original date posted to website)
Today I am adding something for the Kiehn side.  It is not very often I find a paper trail on this side of the family and I get real excited when it happens!  This is a Naturalization declaration of intent to become a citizen for George F Kiehn.  This is from the state of Washington and he was living in Ritzville where his son Fred Kiehn (who will become Grandad Kiehn to me) is born. 
Some interesting things about this document - it lists the ship he says he came to this country on and where he came in at and the date he got here.  I have looked and not been able to find this ship but - hope springs eternal!  Another interesting thing to me is that he 'made his mark' which tends to indicate an inability to write ones own name due to either Illiteracy or physical infirmity.  He is also required to describe himself - he is 5'6" tall, weighs 140 pounds and has light hair and gray eyes.  This document was signed in 1909.  These documents are step one in becoming a naturalized citizen.

This is the last transfer of information I think - like I mentioned it became obvious fairly soon that the web page wasn't going to satisfy my need to add stuff and 'talk' - no surprise there!  :) The other thing I realized that I would be missing is the chance to have a real conversation with anyone who came along as a relative 'as yet unmet', which is of course a real hope.  So if you stumble across or are a relative that I have known all my life let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions or requests. 

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  1. It wasn't unusual for a person who was literate in his native language to sign a document in a language he didn't understand with a mark. Also, you can double check the name of the ship by looking for his name in the index of passenger lists.